MDXSU's Big Union Survey 2018
Our annual Big Union Survey enables us to develop the services and opportunities we offer based on what you want, and helps us to ensure we are effectively representing you as our student members.

The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete, and as a thank you you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of two £300 vouchers to spend on a summer holiday - plus over 50 other surprise prizes, from events to theme park entry...

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Your Students' Union and You

In this section, we want to find out about your current understanding and perceptions of Middlesex Students' Union (MDXSU), and how you have been involved so far.

Were you aware that you are a member of Middlesex Students' Union? *

All students automatically become members when you enrol as a student.
In general, how do you feel about your Students' Union? *

1: Very negative
6: Very positive

How well do you feel you know your Students' Union and what they do? *

0 = I know nothing about MDXSU
5 = I have an excellent understanding of MDXSU
To what extent do you agree with the following statements:

"Middlesex Students' Union is effective at representing me and my views" *

"Middlesex Students' Union enables students to make change on campus" *

"If I needed support, I could go to Middlesex Students' Union for help" *

"Middlesex Students' Union helps students to meet new people and feel part of a community" *

"Middlesex Students' Union champions equality and diversity" *

"Middlesex Students' Union has helped me to develop skills and knowledge" *

In which of the following ways are you currently involved with MDXSU? *

What were your primary reasons for getting involved? *

Do you feel that your involvement allowed you to achieved the above objective(s)? *

Do you any feedback to give which would have improved your experience? *

Why did not you get involved? *

How would you like to get involved with MDXSU in the future?

Opportunities with MDXSU

Middlesex Students' Union provides a range of opportunities to help students make the most of their time at MDX. The next questions are in relation to events, student groups and placements.

MDXSU organises a range of events for MDX students throughout the year. What kind of events are you most interested in? *

Which of the following MDXSU events have you attended over the past year? *

Overall, what was your experience at the above event(s)? *

1: Very unsatisfied
6: Very satisfied

Do you have any further feedback regarding this?

Have you heard of or participated in MDXSU's Community Placement scheme? *

This scheme provides students with part-time, paid placements in local community organisations.

Have you been involved in a society or student group this year? *

What was your experience as a society member or committee member? *

Which of the following POW! Media channels have you heard of? *

POW! is a collection of student-led media platforms, producing content for MDX students.

Would you be interested in being a POW! Media contributor, host or editor? *

Representing you and your views

Your Students' Union is there to act as the voice of Middlesex students - in both big university decisions and beyond campus too. We campaign for changes that will have a positive impact on your experience.

The next few questions are about how MDXSU represents you.
Were you aware of the following elected representative positions at MDXSU? *

These are student roles, which are voted for by students.

Have you ever given feedback to your Student Voice Leader? *

How satisfied were you with your interaction(s) with your Student Voice Leader? *

Have you ever voted in a MDXSU Election? *

For example, did you vote for next year's President and Vice President team in the MDXSU Elections in March?
Why did you vote? *

Why did you not vote? *

Your Students' Union makes decisions on your behalf - for example, deciding which issues to campaign on, and what ideas to prioritise.

What method(s) should be used to make these decisions?

Pick a top three *

If we were to form groups of like-minded students to make decisions, what should these groups focus around? *

Based on your experience, which of the following characteristics in another person makes you feel that they are more likely to share the same views as you?

Pick a top three. *

Which areas would you like Middlesex Students' Union to focus on next year? *

How would you prefer to get involved in campaign activity around this topic? *

Which of the following MDXSU campaigns have you heard of? *

Advice and Support

Have you heard of the MDXSU Advice Service? *

This is an independent, confidential service to support students through academic issues, such as accusations of plagiarism, or complaints.
Have you ever used the MDXSU Advice Service? *

How satisfied were you with the time it took to handle your case?

1: Not satisfied
5: Very satisfied

Have you experienced any of the following issues during your time at MDX? *

Who would you be most likely to approach for support regarding the above issues? *

Middlesex University Merchandise

Were you aware that Middlesex University clothing and merchandise is available to purchase on campus? *

This is sold by MDXSU, with all proceeds being reinvested into opportunities and services for students.

Why did you purchase something? *

Why have you not purchased anything? *

Of the following products, which one would you most like to be added to our range? *

Our current range includes hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, vests, casual trousers/tracks, pens, pin badges, keyrings etc. Tell us what you'd like to see and we'll make it happen!

About you

This final section allows us to find out a little more about you, and anonymously analyse your answers in relation to some of your responses.

(You're nearly finished!)

Which of the following best describes how you identify? *

Which of the following age categories applies to you? *

How would you describe your ethnic origin? *

How would you describe your sexual orientation? *

How long is your commute to university? *

As a commuting student, what one thing could MDXSU/the university do to help you?

Are you a parent or guardian?

How often do your children come to uni/campus with you:

Do you use the MDX nursery?

As a student parent, what one thing could MDXSU/the university do to help you?

Do you have other caring responsibilities?

As a student carer, what one thing could MDXSU/the university do to help you?

What are you preferred social media networks? *

Which of the following do you use to find out about MDXSU news, opportunities and services? *

Communications preferences

The last couple questions relate to MDXSU contacting you in response to this survey.

Please select all which apply: *

Thank you for completing our survey.

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Thank you so much
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