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The criteria for Student Led Event of the Year:

Every year, students organise hundreds of events for the Middlesex University community to enjoy – from socials to exhibitions, guest lectures to unforgettable parties.

This award is to recognise a student or student group who delivered an event which:

• Was well-attended and enjoyable for guests
• Showed innovation and creativity
• Demonstrated excellent project management and organisational skills

(Examples of events include socials, clubnights, guest speaker lectures, employability events, campaign activity, trips, exhibitions)

The criteria for Society of the Year:

This award celebrates the hard work of our amazing societies and the impact they make on student life at Middlesex – organising events, leading campaigns and providing opportunities for students to meet new people or learn new things.

The winning society will have:

• Reached new students and increased their membership
• Put on a number of events, especially innovative and/or inclusive activities
• Made their presence on campus stronger
• Collaborated with other groups

The criteria for Best New Society:

Every year, MDXSU supports students to set up exciting new societies to their studies, interests, background or beliefs.

This award will recognise a society which:

• Has been been established within the past academic year
• Has shown dedication and innovation in reaching new members and getting the group up and running
• Has put on a number of successful events for their members or the wider student community, perhaps even collaborating with other student groups

The criteria for the Trailblazer Award:

For some students at Middlesex University, it can be hard to get fully involved in student life. This award is to recognise work by students to engage new people, especially students who are part of the following groups:

• Mature students
• International students
• Student parents
• Student carers
• Students that commute
• Post graduates
• Students who are often faced with oppression or discrimination (e.g. women, black or minority ethnic students, those in the LGBT+ community or disabled students)

The above list is not extensive; we would like to hear about all inclusionary work or activity that has taken place.

The criteria for the Impact Award:

As an organisation we are constantly striving to enable students to make change, both on campus and in the wider community.

This could be through representing students who face oppression or discrimination, or leading a community push to improve mental health provision in our local borough.

In this category we are looking to honour students who have created lasting change within this community. We are looking for:

• Someone with passion, enthusiasm and dedication to the cause they are working on
• Someone who has made and contributed to genuine positive change
• Someone who has developed and shown excellent leadership skills
• Someone who has taken initiative and shown innovation

Outstanding Contribution to POW! Media:

This award is to recognise a student who has made an outstanding contribution to POW! Media at Middlesex. We’re looking for a student who contributes for POW! Magazine, Radio, TV or online who:
- is dedicated and reliable
- demonstrates creativity and talent
- encourages or inspires others

Student Voice Leader Award:

This award recognises the work of a Student Voice Leader who has spent the year working hard to make changes for students at Middlesex. We’re looking for a Student Voice Leader who has:

• Engaged with the students they represent, gathering feedback and keeping their coursemates informed
• Worked with their department leaders and academic staff
• Made positive changes on their course and contributed to student life at MDX
• Engaged with training and conferences offered by MDXSU

MDXSU Student of the Year:

Sometimes, you meet people at University who make a really lasting impact on you and your life.

The judges in this category are looking to celebrate a student who has made an outstanding contribution to student life at Middlesex, and/or more broadly.

We are looking for a student who:

• Has encouraged, empowered and inspired their peers
• Has made a real positive impact at Middlesex University or in the wider community
• Is an excellent society leader, event organiser, campaigner or volunteer

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